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June 5, 2012
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"There was once a time when the world felt unbalanced. A time when a brave warrior was needed to help the Avatar end the 100 year war."

A tall man stood beside a crib; his hair pulled back into a long ponytail that rested at the back of his head. The hair on the sides of his head had been shaved, while a long goatee rested on his strong jaw. His blue eyes contrasted to his tan skin.

A tiny baby lying in the crib stared up at the tall man, gurgling sounds that could only be acknowledged as attempts at words. In a single movement, the man pulled away from the crib and pulled a sword from his hip. He danced with the wind that filled the room, twirling and swinging the sword with grace and ease.

"He could fight many men at once," the man spoke, "He fought for the peace and harmony of the world. He could take down any man who opposed him," He stopped and slowly drifted towards the crib. He smiled before murmuring to the giggling baby, "Nobody could ever match his skill. Nobody... But a woman. A woman with hair dark as night and skin pale as the moon. She could bring the brave warrior to his knees with the tilt of her lips. Her cloudy jade eyes-- so enchanting that you could lose yourself in them. Now some say they were unseeing, but others said that she could see more than any man with a clear image in front of him. Some said that she could gaze into your very soul. It was said that she could feel you breathe. She could sense when you lied, and she never forgot a voice. She was a sight to behold--her strength, only exceeded by The Avatar. Her beauty was said to be incomparable... she would put goddesses to shame."

The man leaned down and whispered quietly, "But those were just stories. The brave warrior and his friends knew her. They knew that she was strong, but they also knew that she had a soft side, and the brave warrior was lucky enough to see it. And unknowingly, she had stolen his heart, but don't worry, dear child. He never asked for it back, because he never wanted it back."

The man stopped when he heard a light chuckle from the doorway. He turned to see a raven-haired woman, with eyes like stone, leaning against the doorframe, her arms folded across her chest.

"Is this your idea of putting her to sleep?" she asked with an amused look upon her face.

He leaned over the edge of the crib with a warm-heated smile. He pressed his lips to the baby's forehead before whispering, "Goodnight Lin," lovingly.

He stood, straight and tall, and walked to the beautiful woman in two small strides. He towered over her, yet she didn't seem phased.

"She seems to enjoy the stories." He mumbled with a grin.

"Perhaps. Or maybe she just likes the sound of your voice. I know I do." She stepped towards him, "But you must tell me," She rested her small hands against his muscular chest, "Where can I find this brave warrior?"

He chuckled before moving down and pressing his lips against hers.

"Well, I'm not sure. I hear he finally settled down with an incredible woman. But I'm sure he's around."

She smiled and grabbed the front of his tunic, pulling him down. She pressed her lips to his in a fiery kiss. He lifted his hand and gently caressed her pale cheek. She pulled back and turned her unseeing eyes towards him.

"Well, I only hope he takes care of her heart, as she has taken care of his."

"He will always take care of it. Because he loves her more than anyone could ever love someone else."

They both parted when the small baby began to cry from the crib. The woman smiled up at him before walking to the crying baby girl. He watched with adoration as she hushed the baby, lifting her into powerful arms.

He smiled warmly. It had been a while since the brave warrior was needed, but if the time came, he would be there, with the dark-haired woman at his side.
I got this idea after watching The Mask Of Zorro. The romance was so beautiful.

I knew I had to do a Tokka story. :blush: This is how it turned out. :D
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awwwwww SO ADOREBLE and thats saying somthing im not really for canon tokka(like lin being there daughter) becuse they really messed up w/ lin/tezin but this is just....TO EPIC ADORABIE AWSOME AND FANTASTIC FOR WORDS
Titanairbenderpony Jun 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
i- this- its-
there are no words to express how much i love tokka and this story :D
great job
I'm glad you like it! I enjoyed writing it. There should be more Tokka fics coming, once I get more ideas. :D
Thank you :blush:
Titanairbenderpony Jun 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
np! :D
If you get any good Tokka ideas for me, lemme know. :)
Titanairbenderpony Jun 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
welll I always thought it would be cool if someone wrote a fanfic about toph getting jealous of suki and then sokka realizing he likes her and not suki. but that's just me
Alright, not bad. I'll keep it in mind. :)
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